CRI-Kits review by favecrafts

favecrafts CRI-Kits

A huge “shout-out” to our friends at favecrafts who just conducted a great giveaway on the site.

Can’t wait to see the results!!!

For those of you who missed it, stay tuned and we will do our best to help direct you to the contests and giveaways as they happen. Please check out this wonderful site (favecrafts) and read their review of the CRI-Kits gel pens and magnetic holder.

Click here to go directly to the review:

Remember to send us photos of your projects done with our gel-pens, markers, or embossing equipment. We will post it and sing your praises!!!! Try to shock us with new concepts and ideas. We dare you!!!

Warning! Products are extremely addictive and fun!

Creative Inserts Team

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CardMaker Magazine

The good folks at CardMaker Magazine are featuring our products on their blog this morning.

Blog Link:

If you go to their homepage (, you will see that they have put together a huge giveaway. It is a Season’s Best Holiday giveaway valued at more than $500.00…and NO purchase necessary.

Thank you CardMaker Magazine for featuring our products!!!

Creative Inserts Team

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Sheila She's a Sassy Lady

“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” – Helen Keller

Time to showcase one of our favorite crafters. Sheila with is at it again. Quite often, we see crafters use our gel-pens to highlight, accent, or add embellishments to a card or project. Sheila’s wonderful design shows how our gel-pens can become the central focus of a design. Just look at the detail in each of the balloons. Truly breathtaking.

Sheila posted this project to her blog a little over a year ago, but we just felt we needed to get it out there and show it again. It is so wonderful. Plus, she created it before our blog was in “full bloom”. :)

Those who follow Sheila’s blog know that she is not new to our product. Before she created the “SOAR” project, she crafted another beauty!!

She's a Sassy Lady Sheila

Thank you Sheila. Your creative powers rival that of a superhero!!!!

Creative Inserts Team

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R.E.M. – (an alternate meaning)

Rair Earth Magnet

Last week, after 31 years and 15 albums, R.E.M. closed their doors on the band. What does this have to do with the crafting world? Absolutely NOTHING!!!

Or does it?

While some of you may think of the legendary rock band when they hear “REM”, most of us think of the Rare Earth Magnet that is built into our patented CRI-Kits holder. :)

What is a rare earth magnet? It is a magnet that is roughly 3 times the strength of the traditional ferrite magnets. This allows us to maintain the sleek look of our holder and also be extremely strong and effective. Those who are familiar with our gel-pen holder know how amazing this is.

We make holders that support all the major die-cutting machines out there. Namely, Cricut®, Pazzles®, Silhouette SD®, and Sizzix eclips®.

CRI-Kits Holder

Join the fun!!!

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A Taste of the Pacific Northwest

Scrapbook Expo Portland 2011

Just a quick little note thanking all of you who visited us at the Portland, OR Convention Center for the Scrapbook Expo this last Friday and Saturday. It was so great to see all of you. Thank you for your support and business. See you at the NEXT show!!!!

Creative Inserts Team

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SLICE it up!!

Slices of...

4 tasty options and two of them are very healthy!!

No, Creative Inserts (CRI-Kits) is not going into the food industry. We wanted to remind you all that we sell the wonderful Slice(TM) Precision Cutter on our site.

Slice Tool

You will notice that this tool is bundled with many of the group offerings. It is a must have tool for crafters.

What is a Slice(TM) Precision Cutter you ask?

- This cutter has a Zirconium Oxide blade that lasts longer than steel and will not (cannot) rust.

- It has such a uniquely stylish shape.

- It is much safer than a metal blade.

- It stays sharp forever.

- It works wonderfully for intricate and detailed shapes.

- Ergonomic for right and left handers.

You know you need one. Go to and get one today, afterall a portion of the proceeds from every Slice Precision Cutter sale goes directly toward Autism Awareness!! Thank you.

CRI-Kits Autism Awareness

SLICE QUOTE: “There are two ways to SLICE easily thorugh life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking.” – Alfred Korzybski

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Can anyone say “SUPER”??

Super Bundle Contents

This is the Bundle of Bundles. This is the crown jewel. This is the mother load. This is EVERYTHING, folks!!

First, we started with the gel-pens…and created the “All-4″ bundle.

Then, we introduced the world to our embossing system…and created the “Embossing” bundle.

…And finally, we recently launched the MAR-Kits system…and created the “MAR-Kits” bundle.

Well, we have now taken all 3 systems, and bundled them together in order to provide you with the best savings possible. We are so excited!!!

In addition to you receiving these 3 complete systems, you will also receive a slice tool and sample metals to practice your embossing skills.

1. Go to our “Home Page”.

2. Click on your die-cutting machine of choice.

3. Click on “Bundles”.

Look for the “Super-Bundle”…and ENJOY!!!!

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How to Store Gel-Pens…

Pen Display Sandy September 2011

Yes everyone, you need to go out and build a wooden display just like this. :)

What clues can you gather from the photo? For those of you who have visited our convention booth at previous shows, you will definitely recognize the unique display, and may have even touched it.

The reason for posting this is to simply let you know that it is always best to store gel-pens TIP-DOWN. No, a display like ours is not necessary. It’s just a reminder to place your pens tip-down in the packages (or kits), and then store the pen kits so that the tips are down.

Easy enough. That is all. Craft on….

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We Want to SHOW YOU OFF!!!!

CRI-Kits MAR-Kits Display

That’s right. We want to take your projects with us around this great nation and show them off. I have posted before-and-after images of our card display that we set up for every show. Take a look and see if your design project is on the display.

Yes, we have to occasionally rotate through the designs in order to give them all a turn…but it will make it eventually!! :)

We continue to recieve such amazing feedback. We are so glad you are enjoying these new tools. If you have recently made projects with CRI-Kits (or MAR-Kits) “gear”, contact us soon, and we will try to get your work displayed at the shows.

Happy Crafting to All!!!!

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Morgan’s MAR-Kits Monster

MAR-Kits Monster

Say that 10 times real fast :) !!!

The Sandy, UT show was a blast! Thanks to everyone who attended and took the time to come say hello. We will be posting more images and hopefully video from the show during the next couple of weeks.

At the show, Morgan and her friend visited our booth and told us that they already use, and love our gel-pens and embossing equipment. We went on to explain that we are now offering a marker solution (The MAR-Kits product line), and she got it!!!

Later that day, there were a few of us roaming the open area offering our product up to be demonstrated in people’s die-cutting machines. It went great!! While on the tour, Clayton ran in to Morgan who was busy crafting. Clayton challenged Morgan to create a quick project with her MAR-Kits product. She smiled and started into the challenge.

No more than 15 minutes later, Morgan comes back to the booth and gives us this wonderful gift…

A Morgan MAR-Kits Monster. Way to go Morgan!!!! …and thank you!!

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