Have you heard the news?


We are changing our name! Woohoo!
In an effort to organize our business and make room for exciting new products for the future…we have changed our name from Creative Inserts to…..wait for it…..Scrappin’ Candy!
There is eye candy, and now there’s Scrappin’ Candy. Candy (Ummm…chocolate) is delicious and fun and so are our products, and future products. And they’re fat-free!
Many people only know us by our first product, CRI-Kits, so look for our new logo for Scrappin’ Candy. We are still working on an awesome logo‚ĶSo stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Have you heard the news?

  1. Laurie Mogus says:

    How can I get your ink stamp with my logo?

    • admin says:

      Hi Laurie,
      So sorry this comment was missed!! Simply send in your logo to support@cri-kits.com and a size that you wish and we will let you know if anything else needs to be done. Light editing is free and more extensive editing is submitted to you for pricing approval first.
      All the best
      CRI-Kits Team

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