Next stop…Pleasanton CA!

The weather forcast is rainy and cold which gives you a perfect reason to come on inside and enjoy the fun atmosphere of the Scrapbook Expo at The Almeada County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton California. Come by and say hello. Here’s the site link The Scrapbook Expo at Pleasanton California!

We always have candy to keep you energized…both the sweet kind and the scrapbooking kind. :) Just look for the booth with the soft colorful floor…and soft chairs!

This year we are sponsoring a new product line to help Autism research. The Slice company has several great cutting tools for crafters and other cool gadgets and accessories! Most of these cool tools are made from long-lasting, sharp, durable and non-rusting ceramics! Ceramic blades can last 5-10 times longer than metal! Also, besides donating a portion of each sale to Autism research, the Slice Company makes their products with safety as the top priority. Great for crafters that have smaller, or even larger :) , children! We have their gadgets for crafting…such as…the Safety Cutter to cut our thin metals, paper and cardstock in straight lines. It also features a magnet inside to store on the fridge! Perfect for coupon cutting and for cutting open those pesky plastic packages that are so hard to open.  The Precision Cutter for delicate, free hand, work…think safe, long-lasting, Exacto knife. The letter opener with a cool way to open those letters…or in our case…beautiful envelopes with an awesome handmade card in it made with CRI-Kits products. :) This tool also features a handy magnet, hidden inside, for fridge storage. Lay-flat, left and right-handed scissors made from authentic and strong Japanese steel. Last but not least, the box cutter that doubles as a paper-cutter, or any cutter that needs a longer blade. The blade can be retracted for safety and has a safety handle.  All in all…great tools for a great cause. We bundle them with our products and save you lots of money too!

Hope to see you there!

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