Scrap for Hunger Success!!!!

Thanks To Brenda McHune for her selfless acts of kindness in the Portland area and also those scrappers that supported her Scrap Hunger program!!!
From Brenda:

“Thank you so much for the donation it was great. it so truly helped. now the tally is in. wait for it…….big drum roll…..1,575 pounds (of food) thats 566 pounds more than last year. we did it. with the help from you and many others so many more will recieve help this year and that makes me feel so proud as you should feel the same to know your a huge part of that.. I cant say thank you enough and I truly mean it from my heart. now my mascot is scraparoni and he’s suppose to be shy but if you can somehow go to my facebook page [dont know how to do that] you will see that he has fooled me, he’s not so shy. see what hes doing and the gal with him is Stacy from Stacy’s scrap shack in lincoln city she came up and helped and did a fab job. he’s not shy hahahahahahaha any ways, thank you again. take care of you and as i say, Dream a Dream for it may be the change in which all surrounds.”

Keep up the good work Brenda!
Facebook link

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