CRI-Kits review by favecrafts

favecrafts CRI-Kits

A huge “shout-out” to our friends at favecrafts who just conducted a great giveaway on the site.

Can’t wait to see the results!!!

For those of you who missed it, stay tuned and we will do our best to help direct you to the contests and giveaways as they happen. Please check out this wonderful site (favecrafts) and read their review of the CRI-Kits gel pens and magnetic holder.

Click here to go directly to the review:

Remember to send us photos of your projects done with our gel-pens, markers, or embossing equipment. We will post it and sing your praises!!!! Try to shock us with new concepts and ideas. We dare you!!!

Warning! Products are extremely addictive and fun!

Creative Inserts Team

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