Summertime Design Challenge!!!

Starting Friday, May 20, 2011 and ending Friday, July 8th, 2011

Rules: As summer is upon us and as the theme would naturally indicate, this design challenge needs to be geared toward fun summer activities. This could be vacations, water parks, beaches, campouts, picnics, etc. Your design must stay true to the theme in order to qualify for a prize and must also incorporate one (or more) of the following Creative Inserts (CRI-Kits) products:

  1. CRI-Kits Gel Pens (42 color options) and unique magnetic holder
  2. Embossing products (Stylus/Mat)
  3. MAR-Kits products (Fine/Ultra-Fine Sharpie holders)

Please note: All other techniques and products can be used but there must be a Creative Inserts (CRI-Kits) element to your design!!

You may notice that this design challenge is a few weeks longer than the last challenge. This was done purposefully and for the following reasons.

  1. The MAR-Kits products have not yet been released. They are set to hit people’s doorsteps within the next couple of weeks. So for those who may want to use these brand new products for this challenge, we want to make sure you have the time to PLAY with them!!!
  2. We have added in a new criteria for this challenge. We ask that you document your processes. This is described in more detail below. It will likely take some additional time for you to do this, so we’ve added some time. We want to make sure you have the time you need.

We also will have the coupon code SUMMERTIME available during the first 3 weeks of this design period (or through June 10th, 2011) for those who do not currently have our products but would like to participate in this challenge. This will automatically provide you with a 5% discount on purchases $30 or more. Please note that Sure Cuts A Lot 2 will not be available (disk or download) after May 27th, 2011. If you want this software for this challenge and to enjoy forever, NOW is the time!!!

The judging will be done by all the CRI-Kits staff. We are looking for the following as judging criteria:

40%: Unique use of Creative Inserts (CRI-Kits) products. We are looking for a totally unique way to incorporate drawing or embossing into craft projects that is not just the everyday usage.

30%: Design. We are looking for a quality design concept and proper execution of the design elements. This is to say a project that works well and has the best look and presentation.

30%: Documentation. Yes, this time you will be judged on how well you present your processes. Here is how…Document your processes while designing your project either through photos, screen shots, scans, video, etc. We really want to spread the excitement and “show” how EASY these products are to use!!! A picture says a thousand words, but a video says it ALL (Hint Hint)!!!

How To Submit: Email all photos, screen shots, scans, description, and/or videos of your project to This may require that within your written description, you insert the placement of your images [ image03.jpg ]. This way we will know how to display your work properly.


1st Place – $120 Creative Inserts (CRI-Kits) Online Store Gift Certificate, $30 Gift Certificate to Michaels, JoAnns, or Hobby Lobby.

2nd Place – $80 Creative Inserts (CRI-Kits) Online Store Gift Certificate, $20 Gift Certificate to Michaels, JoAnns, or Hobby Lobby.

3rd Place – $40 Creative Inserts (CRI-Kits) Online Store Gift Certificate, $10 Gift Certificate to Michaels, JoAnns, or Hobby Lobby.

ANYONE – If you create a VIDEO tutorial/review that is done well enough to post to YouTube (with your permission of course), you will automatically receive a Gift Certificate to your choice of Michaels, Joanns, or Hobby Lobby in the amount of $25.

Once created, submitted, and judged, you are welcome to send us your projects, we would be happy to display them at the Scrapbooking shows that we attend on a regular basis. We would LOVE to show off your work!!!

Best of luck to ALL of you!!!

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4 Responses to Summertime Design Challenge!!!

  1. Dawn Steffler says:

    I have the cri-kits metallic 10 pieces and 6 of the multi colored pens. when working with it for the first time the pens are not writing all the way, it appears they skip. I purchased the mar-kits at the scrapbooking convention in Houston this weekend and I love it works much better than the cricut markers only problem is I can only find 8 shaprie colors. Can you help? Thank you, Dawn Steffler, Houston Texas.

  2. Laurel Mitchell says:

    Since there are no blog postings for 2013, I was just checking to see if ya’ll are still in business as I would lilke to order some items. Thanks!!

    • admin says:

      We are here! :) we are just too busy working on some great products to add to our current offerings. Stay tuned!

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