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We are changing our name! Woohoo!
In an effort to organize our business and make room for exciting new products for the future…we have changed our name from Creative Inserts to…..wait for it…..Scrappin’ Candy!
There is eye candy, and now there’s Scrappin’ Candy. Candy (Ummm…chocolate) is delicious and fun and so are our products, and future products. And they’re fat-free!
Many people only know us by our first product, CRI-Kits, so look for our new logo for Scrappin’ Candy. We are still working on an awesome logo…So stay tuned!

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Mesa Arizona here we come!

Kentucky was an interesting place. We saw the Louisville slugger bat making company and the KFC “Yum!” Center. Great people but slow show. We had fun though.

We at now looking forward to going to Mesa, AZ to the Creative Keepsakes Expo! See you all there!

In other news…Provo Craft has denied us an ad space in their highly censored “Cricut Magazine”. It’s too bad that they censor the contents of the magazine instead of supporting their subscribers more by providing  as much crafting info that they can find. Hmmmmm.

The people making the magazine are a great bunch, however, and have some great magazines for crafters. Check out Northridge Publishing  more information.


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Scrapbook USA show in Sandy UT…Here we come!

See you soon in Sandy UT. The awesome Scrapbook USA show is coming up this weekend and we wanted to share a coupon with you. You can get a few dollars off admission to spend on some fun stuff at the show! See you there!

GOOD FOR: $2 off regular admission/$4 off 2day pass
Website for purchasing ticketshttp://www.scrapbookusaexpo.com/ (There is a link at the top of the page for purchasing tickets)
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Rainy Pleasanton

Thanks to all the crafters that stopped by our booth and picked up some fun toys this last weekend. Despite the rain we had a great time and loved meeting all of you! Pleasanton is a great city and the show was very busy. There is a lot of crafting going on in California! :)

Have fun with your new toys and keep checking out the blog for more ideas to be posted each week. See you again soon!

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Next stop…Pleasanton CA!

The weather forcast is rainy and cold which gives you a perfect reason to come on inside and enjoy the fun atmosphere of the Scrapbook Expo at The Almeada County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton California. Come by and say hello. Here’s the site link The Scrapbook Expo at Pleasanton California!

We always have candy to keep you energized…both the sweet kind and the scrapbooking kind. :) Just look for the booth with the soft colorful floor…and soft chairs!

This year we are sponsoring a new product line to help Autism research. The Slice company has several great cutting tools for crafters and other cool gadgets and accessories! Most of these cool tools are made from long-lasting, sharp, durable and non-rusting ceramics! Ceramic blades can last 5-10 times longer than metal! Also, besides donating a portion of each sale to Autism research, the Slice Company makes their products with safety as the top priority. Great for crafters that have smaller, or even larger :) , children! We have their gadgets for crafting…such as…the Safety Cutter to cut our thin metals, paper and cardstock in straight lines. It also features a magnet inside to store on the fridge! Perfect for coupon cutting and for cutting open those pesky plastic packages that are so hard to open.  The Precision Cutter for delicate, free hand, work…think safe, long-lasting, Exacto knife. The letter opener with a cool way to open those letters…or in our case…beautiful envelopes with an awesome handmade card in it made with CRI-Kits products. :) This tool also features a handy magnet, hidden inside, for fridge storage. Lay-flat, left and right-handed scissors made from authentic and strong Japanese steel. Last but not least, the box cutter that doubles as a paper-cutter, or any cutter that needs a longer blade. The blade can be retracted for safety and has a safety handle.  All in all…great tools for a great cause. We bundle them with our products and save you lots of money too!

Hope to see you there!

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Portland was Perfect!

We had a great show In Portland last weekend. What a blast. The “powers at be” gave us the best booth in the whole place. It’s nice to be lucky once in a while.

We met some great people and sold a lot CRI-Kits pen and embossers…and MAR-Kits and mini sharpies! We are now able to demo on the Silhouette Cameo and the Pazzles Inspiration in addition to our standard bunch, the Silhouette SD, eclips, and of course the Cricut. That’s a lot of machines in one place! Need advice on a machine? Come see us!

Besides meeting great people…our stomachs met some great food. WOW Portland knows how to cook! Absolutely memorable.

We have a bunch of new cards that will post soon including some fantastic metal flower cards, cut out right from our embossing mat, from Shelly Watson. Her blog is paperandflowers.blogspot.com. Shes a very talented woman. Go check out her blog and see the metal flower pictures there!

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It’s show time!

We are excited to announce a very busy new year of Scrapbook Expos. There is sure to be a show near you….and we will be there! Check back for coupons for discounted entry, to some shows, and special offers. We look forward to seeing you there! Scrapbook Expo, Creative Keepsakes Expo Scrapbook USA Expo and The Great American Scrapbook show in Arlington, TX!

Come by and say hello!

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Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale!

Come get your savings on all our items at the online store! Go now
We have 10% saving when you use BLACK as the coupon code at checkout!

Also don’t miss the special on a great pack of Christmas metals. Get 2-9″x10″ sheets each of Red, Green and Gold for only $7.49. While supplies last!

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Christmas Cheer

Here’s some Christmas cheer for you. Look for some cute Christmas projects with embossing and drawing. Also check the site for specials and deals. First we will have some red and green embossing metal deals. Have you tried using your markers on our metals. I can be a cool effect, especially when you emboss first then draw with our MAR-Kits in the same embossed groove. Enjoy!

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Scrap for Hunger Success!!!!

Thanks To Brenda McHune for her selfless acts of kindness in the Portland area and also those scrappers that supported her Scrap Hunger program!!!
From Brenda:

“Thank you so much for the donation it was great. it so truly helped. now the tally is in. wait for it…….big drum roll…..1,575 pounds (of food) thats 566 pounds more than last year. we did it. with the help from you and many others so many more will recieve help this year and that makes me feel so proud as you should feel the same to know your a huge part of that.. I cant say thank you enough and I truly mean it from my heart. now my mascot is scraparoni and he’s suppose to be shy but if you can somehow go to my facebook page [dont know how to do that] you will see that he has fooled me, he’s not so shy. see what hes doing and the gal with him is Stacy from Stacy’s scrap shack in lincoln city she came up and helped and did a fab job. he’s not shy hahahahahahaha any ways, thank you again. take care of you and as i say, Dream a Dream for it may be the change in which all surrounds.”

Keep up the good work Brenda!
Facebook link

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